I am pleased to announce that Your Online Go To Gal is now EBO Certified.

What is an EBO (Ethical Business Owner) certification? It is the new symbol of ethics and etiquette for entrepreneurs.

If you happen to work in a company that is publically traded on the stock exchange you may have already had Ethics training. It is a requirement for companies that are public.  All employees must complete the training and pass a certification.  In my corporate life, I have taken (and passed) this certification several times. But what about small businesses and private companies who do not have this requirement placed on them? Don't you as a customer want to feel secure that the people that you engage with are practicing ethical business practices? Well now you can with EBO certification.

I have taken and passed the examination and can now proudly display the badge which will let you, my clients (and potential clients), know that I am a conscientious business owner who has taken extra steps to show their commitment to providing the highest standards of interaction with you, the community and the planet. 

6/8/2009 11:34:48 am

Yea! I already knew that about you, but the confirmation is nice. :)


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