Once you start building your social media presence, then you have to start sharing it.  Do you remember all your "handles" for the various sites you are on? Or are you going to remember "her-blog-name-was-that" when you get back home? Well now your don't have to!

Introducing Poken, a fun new social media gadget . Instantly connect with new friends across online social networks whenever and wherever you meet them.

And because Poken is a social media gadget, it is being sold online in the U.S. via social media methods including bloggers (acting as independent resellers - like me). Poken S.A., the start-up company that created this product, knows that blogging is a very powerful communications tool. The online community, used correctly, can help spread the word about any new product, whether that be a new book, a new site or a new gadget.

Blogging is not something you have to do everyday in order for it to be done "correctly". You just need to be consistent and set the expectations for your audience. There are a lot of very successful business bloggers who only post once a week, the key is consistency.

In addition there are a lot of tools, tips and methods that Your Online Go To Gal can share with you to help you out!

There will be more posts coming on Poken in the next couple of days. In the meantime, if you are interested in picking up one of these cute little guys, I am selling them here.

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