I was in a Adobe DreamWeaver class today.  I have been using the product for years, I am self-trained, but as I recently learned, sometimes there are really cool tips and hints that you can pick up on a program even if you are self-taught. You never stop learning!

However this post is not about DreamWeaver, but rather stock photography. Today I learned about a great site, unknown to most, for stock photography that is free! The instructor for the class who also builds websites on the side (it seems everyone has a side business these days!) showed me this site. It is called Stock Xchng, it has a large inventory of stock photos.

Go to the site, search on what you need. When the search results come up, ignore the first couple of lines which are marked Premium (a.k.a. to buy) and the rest of the photos are free for the taking.  If you decide you like one of the premium photos, they are really inexpensive, so splurge a little!  You will have to register an account, but once you do, you can download at will. 

Caution - the images will be large and you will need to use a program to re-size them.  To do this, you NOT have to buy Adobe Photoshop at $800...instead, go to gimp.org (created by Adobe engineers several years ago) and download that software for free and you will be able to re-size your image.

So there you have it, free stock photo and bonus...free software to size it to the dimensions you need.

Happy photo hunting!

10/2/2011 06:37:50 pm

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4/26/2012 09:28:01 pm

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