People often lament the ROI of social media. This really is a dated statement and yet I still hear it. A better way to look at ROI is not as "return on investment" but rather Risk of Inaction!

Perfection does not exist! And people are very forgiving when they know you are giving an honest effort to try something new. So your blog design isn't perfect, so what? So what if you accidentally "poked" the wrong people of Facebook? And no one is going to flame you if the first time you "Re-tweet" something, you do wrong! Just get out there and do it...where it is appropriate. If you are waiting to have "all your ducks in a row" you could miss an opportunity.

Also don't worry so much about your numbers. You do not need thousands of followers, you need a few influencers. Don't wait to do something because you don't think you have enough traffic. Do it anyway, you may get the right one or two visitors who can make your business explode. It takes awhile to build up a community. You need to do it slow and steady like any relationship. The very foundation of social media is the community or relationship aspect.

Lastly, these days there are tools to measure traffic and performance so you can get an idea of response to your efforts. Analytics can give you valuable insight from a small group of customers in a matter of hours. Your most enthusiastic customers become word-of-mouth agents, spreading the word about your business or your product for free.

Free....that's pretty good ROI....

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