Liz Strauss is a legend. She is a social media strategist, coach, and a community builder. And in the community she built, she is the pillar. She only has one rule and that is "be nice." She speaks softly, yet wields a big stick. And that stick is heavy with the weight of authenticity and genuineness. Liz strongly believes in the power of relationships. One person at a time, and everyone having something special that makes them unique that makes them interesting.

Liz is famous for commenting. Liz responds to nearly every comment on her blog. She hosts a weekly "open mic" night every Tuesday evening. She comes with a question and opens it up for questions and comments.  She has 80,000 (yes 80,000) comments on her blog. She believes in the golden rule and she practices it.

In 2007, she (and her partner, Terry Starbucker) decided to bring the people of her community together at a conference, it was called SOBCon. I had the pleasure of attending SOBCon09 and the experience was life-altering. I was in the room with blogging veterans, business veterans, and new business owners like myself. But it did not matter what "tenure" you had online, everyone was treated equally. Everyone was authentically nice, and the level of information that was shared in those two and a half days was exceptional.  May of which I will be sharing with you.

And today, quite unexpectantly, Liz honored me with the badge of achievement, which I will now proudly display.

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