It is a little known fact that one of the best ways to bring people to your blog or website is to comment on other people's blogs.

Not only are you showing goodwill when you add value to someone else's post, but you may also:

- bring the blog author to your blog or site
- bring other reader's of the blog you commented to your blog or site
- create relationships that could lead to guest posting opportunities

It does not require a lot of time to do this.  Schedule 20-30 minutes every day visiting blogs within in your niche or related to your niche, and you will see that "what comes around, goes around."

7/23/2009 12:33:19 am

Commenting on other blogs is not only a great way to bring interest to your blog, but you can engage in very interesting conversations. And you can meet some great people...like Andi!

7/23/2009 02:18:03 pm

I agree. Which is why I try to comment here as often as I can. :) Even though you aren't in my niche!


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